Whistleblowing (confidential reporting) form

Latest revision date: January 2023
Revision due date: January 2024

The information you give us will be dealt with in confidence and you can raise your concerns anonymously. If you provide us with your contact details, we may use this information to respond to you if you have asked us to or to contact you if we need further details. There also may be times when we need to share it will others. If it becomes necessary for anyone else to know your identity in order to adequately investigate a concern, we will discuss this first with you. Please be aware that when raising your concern anonymously, it does make it more difficult for Berneslai Homes to investigate if insufficient information has been supplied. We encourage the reporting of allegations made in good faith, but we will take action against anyone deliberately making false or malicious allegations which damage our reputation or that of our employees. You can find more about how we collect, store and handle your personal information in our privacy policy our website