Garage Notice to End E-Form

Latest revision date: April 2023
Revision due date: April 2025

Please use this form if you would like to give notice to end your garage or garage site.
In the case of garage sites you may be required to remove the garage and return the site in its original condition on termination of the tenancy.

Protecting your personal data

By completing this form you acknowledge that we will follow our responsibilities under data protection legislation. We will store the information securely, share it with partners and other statutory agencies where we have the right under law to do this, use it only for the purpose it was provided and process it as set out in our privacy policy. For more information please see our privacy policy on our website
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  • The date your tenancy will end
  • You must give at least one week’s full notice
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  • We will inspect the garage or site on the day the tenancy ends
  • Confirmation
  • By ticking the box at the bottom of this section I declare that I fully understand and agree with the following statements:

    • I confirm that the information in this form is true and that you may contact me if you need to discuss the matter further.

    • I understand that if I have not completed this form fully it may result in a delay in us acting on your request.

    • Sites only: I understand that the tenancy will not end until a Berneslai Homes officer is satisfied that I have cleared the garage site. If I do not clear the garage and site within a reasonable period, I understand that you may do so and charge the cost to me.

    • Garages only: I understand that I must contact my Neighbourhood Officer to arrange for the garage keys to be collected before 12 noon on the Monday after the tenancy ends (Tuesday if bank holiday). I understand that I must clear and clean the garage. Please ring 01226 787878 if you need details of your Neighbourhood Officer.