Application for a Garage or Garage Plot

Latest revision date: April 2023
Revision due date: April 2025

Who is this form for?

Use this form if you want to apply to join the register to rent a garage or garage plot managed by Berneslai Homes.

A garage plot is a piece of land where you erect your own pre-cast concrete or brick built garage – you will be need to obtain planning permission from BMBC before you can build your garage, there will be an additional cost for this which you will be responsible for. For more information about planning permission visit Barnsley Council’s website

A garage is a pre cast concrete or brick built garage which you rent from us. We are responsible for repairs to the garage.

A garage or garage plot can only be used to store a motor vehicle, it cannot be used to store goods for running a business.

Garage and garage site allocation policy

The current policy is that garages or plots are allocated in priority order and then in date order, when allocating garages or garage plots we look at applications in the highest priority category first and only move on to lower priorities if there is no suitable applicants left. Priority One - Any current garage or garage site tenant who we wish to move to another plot for management reasons e.g. Demolition. Priority Two - Current council house tenants in date order of application. Priority Three – anyone who is not a Barnsley Council tenant, in date order of application Priority Four - Current garage or site tenants wanting additional garage/site. Transfers from one garage to another - Any applicant who has a garage or garage site tenancy and who wishes to transfer to another site must make a new application and will be considered in line with the above priority scheme.

Protecting your personal data

By completing this form you acknowledge that we will follow our responsibilities under data protection legislation. We will store the information securely, share it with partners and other statutory agencies where we have the right under law to do this, use it only for the purpose it was provided and process it as set out in our privacy policy. For more information please see our privacy policy on our website
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  • PLEASE NOTE garage tenancies will not be offered if you owe rent or monies to the Council from a current or former tenancy.
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