Information Upload Form (Lettings)

Latest revision date: April 2023
Revision due date: April 2025

Who is this form for?

Please use this form if:

• we’ve asked you to send us evidence or information;
• you want to send us evidence or information; or
• you are sending some information on behalf of a tenant or applicant, for example a landlord reference or medical letter.

To upload this information you can either use a scanner with a computer or laptop or take a photo with your phone or tablet.

Protecting your personal data

By completing this form you acknowledge that we will follow our responsibilities under data protection legislation. We will store the information securely, share it with partners and other statutory agencies where we have the right under law to do this, use it only for the purpose it was provided and process it as set out in our privacy policy. For more information please see our privacy policy on our website
  • About you
  • Title *

  • First Name *

  • Surname *

  • Address *

  • Your e-mail address

  • Are you *

  • Are you sending information about you or about someone else? *

  • Their name *

  • Their address *

  • Their phone number (if known)

  • About the information you are supplying
  • What information are you supplying (tick all that apply) *

  • If you know the name of the person who has asked for the information please tell us here

  • Please explain in the box below why you are sending us this information

    (For example: I am sending a copy of a death certificate for Malcolm Smith to end the tenancy at 1 Tenancy Street or I am sending a copy of a GP letter for my housing application reference 12345)

  • Upload
  • To upload this information you can either use a scanner or take a photo with your phone or tablet. Just click the upload button.

    If you are sending a copy of your signature just sign it on a blank piece of paper with your name and address printed above it.

    More than one piece of information? Just click the “Add” button after you’ve finished uploading each one. You can upload a maximum of five pieces of evidence.
  • Documents of proof

    You can upload the following file types: JPG, PDF, PNG
    Please note if you are going to save this form instead of submitting, you will need to upload your file when you submit.

  • Confirmation
  • By ticking the box below I confirm that the information in this form is true and that you may contact me if you need to discuss this matter further.

    - I understand that if I have not completed this form fully it may result in a delay in us acting on your request.