Single to Joint Tenancy

Latest revision date: April 2023
Revision due date: April 2024

Who is this form for?

Please use this form if you want to include a husband, wife or partner on your tenancy.

Protecting your personal data

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  • Your personal details
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  • First Name *

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  • Email Address

  • The details of the person you want to be joint tenant with
  • Title *

  • First Name *

  • Last Name *

  • Have they ever been known by any other name? *

  • Please give details *

  • Are they a British Citizen? *

    If no, you will need to provide a copy of their passport and any home office documents

  • Their date of birth *

  • Their national insurance number *

  • Their relationship to you *

  • How long have they lived with you at your address? *

  • Addresses

  • Does the person wanting to become a joint tenant have any convictions for the following?
  • Using or possessing drugs (or both) *

  • Supplying drugs *

  • Theft from or damage to our property *

  • Theft from or damage to property owned by a landlord *

  • Burglary or theft from homes, motor vehicles and so on *

  • Racial harassment *

  • Sexual harassment or sexual discrimination *

  • Assault (verbal or physical) *

  • Intimidating or harassing neighbours, residents or our employees *

  • Being evicted for unpaid rent from council, housing association or other landlord-owned property *

  • Being evicted for noise or nuisance from council, housing association or landlord-owned property *

  • Anti-social behaviour (ASBO) *

  • Any benefit of tenancy fraud. *

  • If the answer to any question is ‘yes’, please give details below of all convictions, including convictions of all those people who want to be rehoused with you. (Do not include minor traffic offences).

  • We can refuse to put any person on to a tenancy if they have been involved in crime or antisocial behaviour. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, it does not necessarily mean we will refuse your application. We consider each case carefully when we are making a decision.
  • Upload Documents
  • Use this section to upload either:
    · a copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate; or
    · evidence that the person wanting to become a joint tenant has lived with you for the last 12 months or more (i.e. DWP letter, utility bill, any official letter with their name and the address on).

    You will also need to upload a copy of your signature which you can sign on a blank piece of paper
  • Documents of proof

    You can upload the following file types: JPG, PDF, PNG
    Please note if you are going to save this form instead of submitting, you will need to upload your file when you submit.

  • Confirmation
  • By ticking the box at the bottom of this section I declare that I fully understand and agree with the following statements:

    - I declare that the information I have given on this form is correct and complete. 

    - I understand that if you later find that I have deliberately supplied false information or omitted to supply information, we may take action.

    - I understand that if I have not completed this form fully it may result in a delay in us acting on your request.

    - I understand you may share my information with other agencies to detect and prevent fraud.
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